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An indepth Skoda Combi Review

Review by Stop Repossession

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In detail, there is the devil. But there lives also the love. As the Skoda Superb just proves as Combi. In terms of space and the wealth of ideas of this middle class, premium brands can still look down.

Like VW Golf and VW Passat, the new Skoda Superb utilizes the flexible modular cross-section of the Volkswagen group - but extends it to the currently most generous dimensions. And it provides a lot of surprising detail solutions.

DusseldorfValid place at fair prices, that can Skoda. And with this, the Czech VW subsidiary has made the products of the Wolfsburg headquarters more difficult for years, because Skoda has long been no longer an insider's tip, not a cheap Eastern bloc bargain. The Octavia as a golfing opponent and the new Superb as a challenger of the Passat, are duels, which are carried out especially with the Kombis with hard bandages. Because these are the best-selling models, it is also about the increasingly important corporate fleets market.

But do you have to be a combination driver or a Skoda fan to find the new Superb as its name promises? No, the third generation of the useful Lademeister will also find all those who have a slight clean-up, love cleanliness and order.

The classic measurement for the Kombi is the storage space, and this is where our Superb test car in this segment has record-breaking 1,950 liters, 660 are in the normal position of the seats. You would like to hit a "hello" in the loader room, and as a late echo would come back as "buy me!" The wide swinging tailgate of the Combi opens now to all who have a foot under the tailgate rod and, of course, have paid the extra charge.

They look into a throat on the level of the Mercedes E-Class T model. Passat, Mondeo and Insignia are outdone by the Czech Republic. However, two details are disturbing: The loading area is not quite flat, and I can not find a planned storage space for its cover. And learn to look at the surcharge list: For 220 euros more both would be a problem thanks to a variable loading floor.

Anyway, the extras and their extras, that is the big theme at this Skoda, the incredible detail richness: We did not have a test car, which had more lashing hooks and eyelets, several variable luggage nets and more additional staufchs as this Superb. If in this trunk after the weekend purchase something trudging, then the driver must be disrespectful Messie.
1950 reasons for the Skoda Superb Combi
Order! Got to! Be!
With a length of 4.90 meters, the Superb is almost out of the middle class. Our test car with 2-liter turbodiesel (140 kW), 6-speed DSG, and extensive extra equipment conveys a certain proximity to the premium segment in other respects.
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Medium class with place like in the upper class, for that stands the Superb
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Because Skoda is better able to use the space thanks to the engine and the front wheel drive than BMW and Mercedes, the space is more generous. Front and rear. Cheap places are not available here.
(Photo: Frank G. Heide)
Short try-in, one meter eighty five are no problem.
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Transport goods with XXL dimensions profit from the fact that the wheel arches only minimize the loading area. Tension nets hold everything well. Unfortunately, the loading floor can not be made to a completely flat surface. What in this case benefits the blood circulation. As an extra is also the flat surface to have, makes 220 euros.
(Photo: Florian Hückelheim)
Skoda Superb Combi in detail
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This awakens the game drive. With all the hooks, eyelets, flaps, compartments and nets, there are several storage solutions for many of the daily needs of the Superb. Herumpoltern must be nothing more.
(Photo: Frank G. Heide)
Combi in natural habitat
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On the construction market parking the Superb makes a good impression. His big flap opens now by foot swing and behind it also bulky things disappear. Between 660 and 1,950 liters are available.
(Photo: PR)
You can see it immediately, his cheap image has skoda long ago stripped
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Like VW Golf and VW Passat, the new Skoda Superb utilizes the flexible modular cross-section of the Volkswagen group - but extends it to the currently most generous dimensions. And it provides a lot of surprising detail solutions.
(Photo: Frank G. Heide)
What's on board here?
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In the test car is around the automatic selector lever even more space. Now available are: start-stop automatic, driving mode selector, ESP (off), parking warning light, parking system, air conditioning. Right in front of the shifter is a USB port - all very well accessible.
(Photo: Frank G. Heide)
Like the other components, the engines of the Superb come from the golf shelf. There are correspondingly large offer and variety, other import brands can not keep up.
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The petrol pallet starts with the 1.4-liter turbo (92 kW / 125 hp), which is rather heavy with the big car. The 110 kW / 150 bhp version, which is used to save fuel on cylinder shut-off and with a standard consumption of 4.8 liters, could also lure convinced diesel drivers.

The top-of-the-range engine under the ottomotors is the 2.0-liter turbo with 162 kW / 220 hp, which is also known from the Golf GTI, which can move the Skoda comfortably, but also consumes significantly more than the stated 6.2 liters.

Best choice for the big Czechs is a diesel. The 1.6-liter engine with 88 kW / 120 hp is the best choice for the most demanding riders, and the 2.0-liter version with 110 kW / 150 hp or 140 kW / 190 hp is the best choice. The latter is also available on request with all-wheel drive, which is then always coupled to a dual clutch transmission (called Skoda "DSG"). With the other engine versions, the automatic is available at an additional cost (2,000 euros), the base diesel and the two 1.4-liter petrol engines are available only with manual six-speed manual transmission.
(Photo: Frank G. Heide)
With a sound system from Canton on the road
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Twelve speakers and an additional amplifier under the driver's seat ensure the sound. The sound system offers an output power of 610 watts, which can also provide vibrating windows in the vicinity.
(Photo: PR)
My rolling office
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With the appropriate extras is the Superb WLAN WLAN hotspot, via Tablet and Skoda app I can from behind in the infotainment intervene in the navigation and the music selection intervene. Or I control with the ambient lighting, whether the business shoe is properly cleaned.
(Photo: Frank G. Heide)

In addition to the safe and comfortable ambient lighting of every small corner, Skoda puts an LED flashlight into the trunk. Of course, it charges automatically in its holder. The umbrella in the door and the ice scraper with magnifying glass in the fuel filler flap are already known, of course they are on board again as "simply clever" -Basics in Generation Three. As well as numerous power connections and a throughput in the 60:40 split back seat back, which can be folded down separately.

Under the loading floor, which I fix with integrated hook and elastic band at the tailgate, instead of the former usual spare wheel, there are more huge stacks. And on the sides of the loading area, directly in front of the narrow wheel housings, there are practical folding angles with Velcro. With which I clamp uneven bulky goods. The purest children's play, also with only one free hand completely problem-free.

Let's roll the Superb further from behind and come to the rear seat bench. If you sit here, feels a bit like in an S-Class, only with cheaper leather. The leg clearance is enormous, even if a tall driver pushes his seat far backwards. In the A6 Avant and the 5er Touring I did not sit any worse, but I had assumed that. In the Skoda it is still a successful surprise that you can beat the legs.
The most important questions

Suitable for everyday use?
The most beautiful detail?
Is he worth it?
How green is the car?
What does the neighbor say?
Who looks?
Where does he belong?

In front

After I have straightened myself, I fold down the middle arm rest from black synthetic leather and open its front panel. Here, as in the glove compartment, is a green ball-point pen. Of course, he does not just scramble and rattle around, here engineers were at work, and they have two dainty gripper arms installed. You do not have to be a journalist to admire this loving approach to the writing tool. Have they really thought of every little detail?

Let us remain on the back seat to review the question. In the dark room, which a glass roof from the extensive surcharge list would certainly have done well, the view of a plastic holder on the headrest of the passenger seat. Here I pinch my smartphone and am pleased about the pleasant resistance of the ball joint, which keeps my phone in the right angle.
Skoda Superb in detail
Skoda Superb in detail

So far, Skoda Superb customers had to accept a slightly more comfortable design and a limited equipment. In the current generation there is nothing left to feel.
(Photo: PR)

Later, after downloading various Skoda apps, which is no problem thanks to WLAN in the car, I exchange smartphone against tablet. The expandable bracket also holds that firmly, it now migrates from the headrest back into the armrest of the rear seat, snaps into a holder.

Thanks to MirrorLink, Android Auto and all the other modern stuff, I now hold myself in a kind of surprise on wheels. I have already built with the bracket and the devices, now I could surprise the driver with the fact that I from the rear wirelessly in navigation and music selection intervenes, traffic reports read, evasion routes.

Formulated for parents: Think of the self-conscious surcharge list directly to the next holiday trip. They do not want to see the brats throwing chips from behind with boredom. If there is unrest, there is not only a chilled refreshment drink from the glove compartment, but the deep storage beneath the driver's armrest is also air-conditioned.

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