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On September 16, 2017, I opened a daily bank account with Volkswagen Bank without identifying me by postident or videoident.

Altogether I received 3 different letters. However, the last letter, which contained the one-time password, came to me only Saturday. Exactly the day I traveled for 1 week and thus the money, which already lay ready, not yet to the new account transfer. That was really good, because on the way I was hit by the emergency call of a friend who needed some financial help in the short term. On October 4, I received the friendly advice to deposit money to benefit from the interest rate of 1.10%.

I think the 3 letters served security. In my case, however, they resulted in a delay of at least one week. Furthermore, the deadline for the interest rate apparently ran from the date of the opening, because it ends on 18.01.2017. Before the receipt of the one-time password, I had no way to transfer money and make early use of the interest rate.

Then I thought of the fact that this relatively displaced dispatch of the opening documents also has a different meaning: With the approximately 1-week delay of the Prozeder with new customers the bank saves also a few euro interest. I would find it correct to run the deadline from the day of the first credit or use. Maybe I'll write to the bank.

On October 10th, I applied online for an exemption, which was confirmed to me by post.

Meanwhile, I had transferred money from other accounts to the reference account and on October 11 at 9 pm online transferred an amount to the new account. When I checked this account at around 2pm on October 12, the credit was actually posted. I found that fast! I hope that later on the repayments will be just as fast. Payments to my reference account generally do not require TANs as they are "a closed payment transaction". The settlement day is the 25th of each month.

The form for opening the account contains (as with the subsidiary Audi Bank) a field for completing the monthly payments. The fact that I could freelieren, if I only want to deposit time and time, was not there to me. I was informed by telephone some time ago, however, with an account termination which I terminated. In this respect, I was informed, but still find it irritating.

The website of the bank I find very comprehensively, but for my terms almost overloaded, because I had before the account opening began to read almost "all" information. I then landed unconsciously at the wrong account, where I would have needed a "bankey" for the generation of TANs. At the point I almost gave up, because I had not such a thing and I did not want. But I then fumbled through and the opening finally managed.

I found the opening process not very new customer-friendly and unclear. The writing has been a bit small for my older eyes, but that must be so to accommodate the amounts of text.

I can not say anything about customer service today. Except for the failed timing, everything looks very competent and efficient for me.

Supplement from 31.01.2017:

A few weeks ago I had a test transfer, which I in the morning with VW Bank in the morning gave and in the evening had already been received. A few days ago I took back money from there again. It was very fast on the following day already credited to the reference account.

Supplement dated 06.08.2017:

Meanwhile, I have my money withdrawn there and am to the Ferratum bank, because it is there still 1% for the daily money. In addition I had telephoned with the customer service and learned there that although my old DAB depot was completely transferred to the Consorsbank and is still there, but the Volkswagen Bank offers a depot, which it operates in cooperation with a part of the former DAB bank, which still bears the old name. I would therefore be able to open a deposit at VW Bank, whereby the offer is from Volkswagen Bank and the deposit management by the cooperation partner DAB (as mark of the BNP Paribas) takes place. I would suggest trying Nirro Reviews as Nirro Reviewing Nirro LTD/.

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